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What is the difference between Fixed Price and Offer-Future Format?
Offer future format: Offer (bidding) format create the possibility of selling for much more than you would otherwise have asked for your product. When started with very low starting offer (i.e. $1.00 as a classic example), most of the time auctions guarantee that the item will sell, whatever the price. Offer format let the market set the price when you're unsure of an item's value. But when using auctions it is also possible that you will end up selling well below an item's market value unless you set a reserve price, which is likely to reduce the number of bids you receive. Offer-format postings provide no way to preemptively protect you against non-paying bidders. Fixed Price format: With a fixed price format, you always know your revenue and profit margins on any item that sells. When using a fixed price format, you will never be forced to sell at a price that damages your business or creates unexpected losses. At the same time, fixed price postings are much more likely to go unsold than auctions with low starting bids. And they leave pricing up to you which can mean more research work for you to stay on top of things and can present problems if you are unsure of an unusual or one-of-a-kind item's worth.
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