Help Center Selling Process On Sawdagger

5.1.5. Creating Effective Postings

To create a POSTING , you need to provide your product/service's title, description, price, and shipping and payment information. To make your posting even more appealing and reduce the time you spend answering questions, you can add pictures.

Creating your posting

  • Get started
    Click the Sell tab at the top of Then click the post new button. You need to sign in first if you do not have account then you have to join first through registration
  • Choose a category
    Select a category by searching or browsing. Choose the category most relevant to your product or service, so it's easy for buyers to find your posting.
  • Complete the Required Details
    Depending on which posting form and category you've chosen, you may have different options. Here are some guidelines to follow:
    • Write a Good Title / Product Name, StyleNo and Description: Help buyers find your postings with a Title / Product Name that's clear, complete, and descriptive. State exactly what the product/services is (even if it repeats the category name). Include details such as the brand, product name, size, or artist. Consider adding a Brief Description for more description that'll be seen in searches.
    • Provide product/services specifics: For some categories, you have the option of selecting product/services specifics. Providing additional product/services details makes it even easier for buyers to find your product/services. An example of an product/services specific is the condition of the product/services
    • Add pictures to your posting: Including high-quality, evenly lit pictures of your product/services can help sell your product/services.
    • Select a selling format: Choose Offer-Future, Fixed Price (price range), and advertisements.
    • Select a posting duration: In Offer-Future format you can choose the duration while filing the positing form, when you reach to the selecting the Duration you have the option to select the duration from 15 days to 180 Days.
    • Select the payment methods you'll accept: Please select the payment method while filling your posting form.
    • Specify your shipping locations: you have to mention the product locations.
    • Specify your return policy (if u have any): All sellers on should specify a return policy, whether they accept returns or not. Buyers are more comfortable shopping from sellers who offer clear return policies
    • Post your Posting: When you're ready, click the Save & Preview button to post your posting on

      Your posting's Title / Product Name and brief description are your advertisement; an opportunity to inform and excite buyers. A good Title / Product Name and brief description provides a clear picture of your product/services, which increases your chances that buyers will find and buy your product/services.