Help Center Selling Process On Sawdagger

5.1.3. Completing the sales

You sold your product/services! Keep up the good work by communicating well with your customer and shipping promptly.

Contact your buyer

Once your product/services is sold, you'll need to contact your BUYER.
Confirm the following with the buyer.
  • The shipping cost
  • How you'll ship the product/services
  • When to expect it and a shipping tracking or Delivery Confirmation number if you have it
  • Which payment methods you accept
  • The total price

Note: If you don't get a response from the buyer, you can request your buyer's contact information, including a phone number. Sometimes a phone call makes communication easier

Receive payment

Always verify payment before you ship an product/services.

Ship the product/services

Be sure to ship your product/services on time and in good shape. This will help you get repeat buyers.
  • Ship using the shipping method you specified in your posting.
  • Pack the product with enough cushioning to ensure that the product arrives safely.
  • Ship with a tracking or Delivery Confirmation number. Providing a tracking or Delivery Confirmation number can help protect you if a buyer claims that they never received an product.
  • If you deal through bank or a prescribed financial institution from your country then mention the reference numbers of documents. e.g contract number , L/C ( letter of credit ) number or any other type of reference.