Help Center Selling Process On Sawdagger What is offer-future format?

  What is Offer?
Setting a price one is willing to pay for something.

  Make Offers:
Supplier put the product/services on offer, and then you receive the offers on your product/services from a buyer, when the offer time ended you sell the product/services to the highest Offerer.

This format may be included buy now and future trade option, the quantity in this format always be variable and supplier has the right to increase the quantity any time, so if you see on the format that the shown quantity is less then you can always ask the supplier to increase the quantity.

  What is Future Trade?
Not only can getting a product/service in top selling condition increase the sellers profits, having innovative selling tools or improvements in existing selling system around the world especially through internet by professional may actually save sellers money as well.

In future trade there is limited time offer with different durations like 15 to 180 days etc, through this Format you can sell your product/service in future by accepting the offer today from the buyer.

Normally sellers do this to hedge there risk, if they feel that prices of raw material might increase in future they can stock the raw material today if they go in to future contract with the buyer.

Buyer can also hedge there risk by contracting the quantity and prices today for future order.

  What is Buy Now?
You can instantly sell your products and buyer can buy the product/services right away in Buy Now format, as in offer and future trade buyer has to wait for specific time period. You can buy only when the offer-future time gets ended.

How it works
  • You receive offer on your product/service and sell to the highest offerer. You can also include a Strike Price (Buy Now) price, and Future Trade which lets the buyer purchase the product/service before the postings's end date. You can accept or decline the Future Trade Offer any time But if you accept Future Trade you can only send the invoice when the posting ends.
  • Your posting appears in the sawdagger category you choose and in search results.
  • You can post offer-future -style for:
    • 15 Days
    • 30 Days
    • 45 Days
    • 60 Days
    • 90 Days
    • 120 Days
    • 180 Days
  • Currently 15 postings in offer-future or fixed price format are free.
Note: Shipping and handling charges will always be added by supplier when buying process completes, normally supplier add the shipping charges while send the invoice. Buyer may ask about the shipping and handling charges prior buying or putting an offer.