Help Center Selling Process On Sawdagger

5.1.1. Getting started selling on

Whether you're starting a business or just want to make some extra cash, selling on is very easy. Here's how.
  • Create an account: To sell on, you need to register.
  • Contact now: Buyers often have questions before, during, and after a sale. When they do, they click Contact Now link in your posting. When buyers contact you directly, it's important for you to respond quickly and thoroughly. This keeps the buyer interested in your posting, saves you time, and you'll be more likely to have more business in future.
  • Research your product/services and the rules of selling Do some research, especially about setting a price and choosing a posting format (offer-future or fixed price) and category. This research will help you create a good posting and get the best price for your product/services. Compare your product/services with active and similar postings on based on category, format, and price.
  • Create your posting Depending on your product/services category you have to choose the category or search the category by Keywords. You can sell using a offer-future, or fixed price format (Product).
  How to Post offer-future?
  How to Post fixed price?

  • Manage your posting When you have your posting up and running, you can check it to see if every thing is okay.
    Be sure to answer any questions you receive about your posting. Communicating with potential buyers will help you sell your product/services by establishing good relationship and trust.
  • Wrap up with your buyer The way you handle these last steps will go a long way toward your personal satisfaction and getting great reliable customers.
    • Communicate with your buyer: you'll be notified by email when the buyer has any query regarding your product. You can contact the buyer directly by email or phone. If you don't specify shipping and payment details in your posting, the buyer can request this information to submit.
    • Receive payment: Be sure you receive payment before you ship your product/services. Make sure that the credit card or electronic payment has been accepted and credited to your account before sending the product/services. If you receive checks, make sure the check has cleared the bank before delivering the product/services. Beside these you might asked to ship your products on terms like L/C (letter o credit), D/A (document acceptance), CAD (Cash against Documents), etc.You should be aware of these terms and consult your bank or financial institution in your area or city to understand more about these payment terms.
    • Ship the product/services to the buyer safely and on time
      • Package your product/services as securely as possible
      • See our tips on how you can improve your performance by packaging product/services carefully
      • Make sure your shipment information is correct and be sure to include your return address
      • You can even insure your package
      • If you are dealing through banks then Ask your bank how to execute your terms of payments with the buyers