Help Center Buying Process On Sawdagger

4. Buying Process On Sawdagger

4.1. Buying basic

4.1.1. All about buying

4.1.2. Using The Postings

4.1.3. Post Buying Lead

4.2. Manage Buying

4.2.1. Editing Required

4.2.2. Edit/Update

4.2.3. Add Offline

4.2.4. Manage Offline

4.2.3. Add Offline

If you donot want to post Want online, and save it for futrue (Draft Want)
  • Click the Sign In button
  • Left Menu bar click the Add Offline under Buy
  • Go to the Categories List Either Browse or Search by Keyword
  • Select the Category
  • Select the image if you want if not click the next button
  • Leads posting format will be opened and you can fill the required fields
  • Follow the required field as follows 
    • Enter Subject
    • Enter Keyword
    • Enter Brief Description
    • Enter Detail description
    • Enter Required Quantity
    • Target Price
    • After filling appropriate information click Save & Preview button

Add Offline Wants