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4. Buying Process On Sawdagger

4.1. Buying basic

4.1.1. All about buying

4.1.2. Using The Postings

4.1.3. Post Wants

4.2. Manage Buying

4.2.1. Editing Required

4.2.2. Edit/Update

4.2.3. Add Offline

4.2.4. Manage Offline

4.1.2. Using The Postings

When buying a product/services, be sure to read the information in each section carefully. It's important to understand the seller's description of the product/services, their shipping terms and return policies, and other terms and conditions before you commit to buy the product/services.
You can purchase the product/services right away without waiting negotiating with seller about the price or any thing through buy now format, For offer and future trade format you have to wait till posting time ended, but future trade can be made right away and if it is accepted by the supplier then you can execute your transaction on the date when posting will be ended.
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